Advertisement for M.Tech and MBA (Working Professionals) at IIIT-Allahabad

Working /Practicing professional would have gathered so much of work experience and talent, that over time each one could act as a knowledge hub. If such a professional is provided with an opportunity, encouragement and a right push to record his/her experience into an organized document, then such a document could become a literature/reference material for such professionals.

If such people could receive a formal higher academic orientation with a tilt to look at their own professional environment from a research critical perspective, they would not only be more effective but also be creative. Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIIT-A) aims to discover this hidden but untapped potential and has come out with a model to transform the working desk/field of a professional to a learning desk/field so that working professional could channelize his/her learning potential into a creative pathway and hence to reward the stake holder for his/her effort by awarding a degree like M.Tech/ MBA in various departments Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, Management Studies, and Applied Science. IIITA believes and hopes that ,in this way the concerned professional gets motivated, becomes more committed, quality of his/her performance enhances and thus the place of his/her work receives a boost.

The candidates pursuing conventional degrees of M. Tech, MBA have mainly course work based curriculum, with project work towards its partial fulfillment while the M.Tech, MBA course proposed for Working Professionals are mainly research based and field work oriented.


Candidates who satisfy the following two conditions are eligible to seek provisional registration for M.Tech/ MBA (Working Professionals).

(i) The candidate should have employment and his/her area of proposed research should correspond to that of his/her profession (job).
The candidate should have been hired by a research investigator as a full-time project assistant/research assistant/JRF/SRF on a research project of at least 18 to 24 month duration. Such a candidate should get a suitable fellowship or salary or honorarium.
The candidate should get a sponsorship or a fellowship by any external agency or a self-supporting arrangement and should work on the research problem as a full time research scholar for a duration of at least 24 months.
A regularly employed/Self-employed person who can afford to spare only part time towards research has to put in at least 30 months towards the course. (Such a candidate can be from abroad and he/she is treated as an International Candidate)

(ii) A candidate should have M.Sc. degree/ B.E. / B.Tech. / B.S. (4 years)/ Bachelor Degree in the concerned subject or any other degree recognized as equivalent thereto with an overall minimum of 60% of marks (CGPA of 6.5 in 10 point scale).

The details of qualifying degrees for such course works are given below:

For M.Tech by Research (working professionals)

For the candidate to register for M.Tech by Research in Information Technology, he/she should have obtained in any of the following degrees of the institute with an overall minimum of 60% or (CGPA of 6.5 in 10 point scale):

For MBA (Working Professionals)

(iii) Part Time candidates referred above have to put in a minimum of 15 days attendance per every half year in the Department concerned.


More Details of the programs can be downloaded from links below:
The final application for the candidate will be submitted only after the supervisor will accord approval.

At the time of submission final application, the following documents should be enclosed:

1. No Objection Certificate from the place of work.
2. Support Rendering Document from the place of work.
3. Supervisors Acceptance Letter.
4. Research Proposal.
5. Course Work & Syllabus

However, the initial application to request for consideration the candidature is as follows:

Application Form (M.Tech)

Application Form (MBA)